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Why i love my Roccbox by Gozney pizza oven

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

pizza oven
pizza oven

For the past three years i have been privileged to have helped my brother Adam Atkins founder of @Peddlingpizza with his mobile food truck,based in St Albans Hertfordshire. Having watched his passion and enthusiasm for pizza grow it didn't take long before i wanted to learn more about the craft. Lucky enough for me, on my 40th Birthday my brother shipped me an oven to Gothenburg Sweden. In January last year the Roccbox adventure begun. The past year has been a steep learning curve, trying out different flours, trying to find suppliers of cheese and just generally realising that making pizza is a real craft that takes time and effort to accomplish good results. I am privileged to have my brother on the end of the phone both day and night to help with my pizza related questions. Possibly one of the best coaches available :) Why i love my Roccbox ! The mobile pizza oven has allowed me to consider self employment as an option here in Sweden, as an expat who does not speck Swedish my employment options are limited. Especially as there is a gap in the market for mobile pizzeria in Sweden Its functionality, portability and the overall sleek design make the oven an appealing option for home use oven. Its easy to clean and reaches cooking temperature within 40 min. However the cool down time can be frustrating when wanting to pack up after a pizza event . In the past 6 months have made over 400 pizza in my little oven and she is still going strong. I have a lot to learn about maintaining the stone temperature and need to remind myself to clean it more often along with removing the soot on the top of the oven surfaces as this occasionally falls onto the pizza. On my brothers advise i had the regulator changed from the 30 m-bar to 50 m-bar which gives a larger flame. This not only looks more appealing but also allows for more flexibility with temperature control. Although against the manufactures advice i have used the Roccbox inside with no adverse side effect, always in a very well ventilated space with a professional Carbon monoxide testing devises and alarms. I have since invested in a second oven along with various equipment and have taken the leap into event catering and street food catering services in Sweden. I still have a great deal to learn regarding the functionality and maintaining the stone temperature of the oven along side the craft of pizza making.

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