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Permits, People and Places

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

The journey into self employment as an expat in Sweden starts! After realising the lack of decent Neapolitan pizza here in Gothenburg and a gap in the market for pizza as a street food option. I decided to turn my passion of pizza into a business. Taking the leap into self employment here in Sweden is not as easy at it might seem! a country known for its rules, regulations and high taxes !

After applying to the tax office Skatterverket for F-Tax its been nearly 3 weeks and i am still waiting for a response, despite submitting various form of evidence. Its much harder here in Sweden to register as a sole trader than in the UK.

Once i receive my F-tax i can then apply for a business bank account. In the meantime i have registered as a food business and am awaiting a visit from the health inspector, once application for this is received i can start trading and will receive a visit from health inspector within the next 3 weeks.

Having decided on company name, logo and branding i have been lucky enough to book my first corporate event for a consultancy firm. My initial worries about would i need permits from the fire department, police or city where put to rest with the encouragement, help and support from local street food vendors. The event went smoothly and the staff really happy with the set up and the food.

My worries and nervous excitement about taking the leap in to the world of street food are slowly calming and i am certain ii will get more bookings an opportunities in the future.

Pizza House
Pizza House

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