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How to eat a Neapolitan Pizza ?

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

When you visit The Pizza Pushers, we prefer to serve our pizza without a knife fork, we are a street food vendor and serve our pizza without cutlery or a ceramic plate.

We know this sounds a little bit silly – but eating Neapolitan pizza can actually be pretty tricky. Doubly so if you are wearing your newly dry cleaned white shirt for that important job interview you had coming up

Pizza a portafoglio, literally wallet pizza, involves folding your pizza in half and then quarters, so you can walk along eating your newly portable pizza like a crepe, This was the original way to enjoy this working-class street food, traditionalists insist.

Watch this video from Peddling Pizza on how to fold a pizza wallet!

The fold

You must fold a Neapolitan pizza slice. Otherwise, it is clearly going to flop and loll, and all your toppings will drop off! The Pizza Pushers' advice is to cut the pizza into four large slices then fold.

Check out our images on how to fold the Neapolitan pizza

The Pizza Pushers feel the chill of porcelain caused the pizza to cool too quickly. We prefer to serve our Neapolitan Pizza on a wooden pizza board or cardboard plate along with a good supply of paper napkins.

Enjoy and APPLY TO FACE!

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